Holiday Activities in the High Country of North Carolina

Dec 09, 2023

Holiday Activities in the High Country of North Carolina

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to start planning your festive activities. If you're looking for a charming and picturesque destination, the High Country of North Carolina should be at the top of your list. Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, this region offers a wide range of holiday activities that will delight both locals and visitors alike.

1. Explore the Christmas Tree Farms

One of the most beloved traditions in the High Country is picking out the perfect Christmas tree. Take a trip to one of the local Christmas tree farms, such as Evergreen Farms or Boone Christmas Trees, where you can wander through rows of fragrant evergreens and find the ideal centerpiece for your holiday celebrations. Don't forget to capture the moment with a family photo amidst the trees!

Christmas tree farm

2. Enjoy Winter Sports

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, the High Country offers a plethora of winter sports activities. Head to Beech Mountain Resort or Sugar Mountain Resort for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. These resorts provide well-groomed slopes, breathtaking views, and plenty of winter fun for all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, the High Country has something for everyone.

Skiing in the mountains

3. Visit Festive Markets and Craft Fairs

Embrace the holiday spirit by exploring the local markets and craft fairs in the High Country. These events showcase the talents of local artisans and provide the perfect opportunity to find unique, handcrafted gifts for your loved ones. Don't miss the Blowing Rock Winterfest or the Boone Christmas Market, where you can browse a wide array of handmade crafts, artwork, and delicious treats.

Craft fair

4. Take a Scenic Drive

The High Country is known for its scenic beauty, and the holiday season is the perfect time to take a leisurely drive through the mountains. The Blue Ridge Parkway offers breathtaking vistas at every turn, especially when adorned with a dusting of snow. Pack some hot cocoa and snacks, put on your favorite holiday tunes, and enjoy a cozy drive with your loved ones.

snow capped mountans

5. Attend Festive Events and Parades

Get into the holiday spirit by attending festive events and parades in the High Country. The town of Blowing Rock hosts the annual Christmas in the Park event, featuring live music, caroling, and a lighting ceremony. Additionally, the Boone Christmas Parade is a must-see, with colorful floats, marching bands, and Santa Claus himself making an appearance.

6. Indulge in Delicious Holiday Treats

No holiday season is complete without indulging in delicious treats. In the High Country, you'll find an abundance of bakeries and restaurants offering seasonal delights. Treat yourself to warm apple cider, freshly baked pies, gingerbread cookies, and other festive goodies that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Holiday treats

7. Visit Historic Sites and Museums

The High Country is rich in history, and during the holiday season, many historic sites and museums offer special exhibits and events. Explore the Mast General Store, a historic landmark filled with nostalgic holiday decorations and unique gifts. You can also visit the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum to admire local artwork and learn about the region's cultural heritage.

8. Attend a Holiday Concert

Immerse yourself in the sounds of the season by attending a holiday concert in the High Country. The region is home to talented musicians and choirs who perform classic carols and festive tunes. Check out the event calendars of venues like the Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts or the Harvest House Performing Arts Venue for a delightful evening of live music.

With its picturesque landscapes, festive events, and warm hospitality, the High Country of North Carolina is the perfect destination for holiday activities. Whether you're seeking outdoor adventures, unique shopping experiences, or simply want to soak up the holiday spirit, this charming region has it all. Start planning your trip and create lasting memories with your loved ones in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.