What are your business hours?

Our business hours are from 7AM until 12AM daily. You may contact us through our website or Social Media links 24/7. For more immediate responce, you may feel free to text Chef Chuck 919-280-5258

What services do you offer?

Services include cooking lessons, meal prep daily/weekly meal needs, catered high end events, and all inclusive packages with meal delivery to your choice of activity destinations including our ski resorts, hiking destinations, biking destinations, rafting, and by more. All inclusive package is most economical for short and long term stays. We do have several limitations with this package. Details will be found in final proposals and dialogue with Chef Chuck Hayworth. 


How does this work?

Depending on your desired service or services, we customize every experience based on the seasonal availability of ingredients and your desired number of meals and partner with you to create wonderful memories for you and your guests.  From working with you to build a celebratory event in your visit, planning a cooking lesson on a rainy summer day, or we are your choice for dining in our wonderful region, everything is fully customized to meet or exceed your expectations of luxury private chef services. All inclusive packaging is available. Please inform us of any food sensitivities within your group to better formulate a wonderful culinary adventure for you and your guests experiences. All packages are completely unique and custom for each experience. No one shares the same menu ever. They are all based on what ingredients are found seasonally. 

For more information, please feel free to inquire using the website form, and Chef Chuck Hayworth, owner and operator will contact you personally. 

Do you work all year long or seasonal?

Yes, we live to provide our unique brand of hospitality through out the year here based out of Boone, North Carolina. Ever dish tells a story and we are the keepers of the tales behind the dishes.

We do have an inclimate weather policy but we work individually with clients to see that all needs are met in the rare event that we do need to cancel an event or reschedule. 

Get in touch

Send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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